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Illness and Pain is a Message that can take you to a Better Life


Fully recover your Health and Life after Physical, Mental and Spiritual Trauma.

About Me

Your healing is not about me. Your healing is all about you standing in the power and authority God gave you, taking back your control and aligning your Spirit, Body and Mind to Health through insight and understanding. If you do that, you WILL heal completely.


I am Chaplain Joyce Jacobs. I am practicing as a Behavioral and Medical Educator, ACLS Medic and a Clinical, Spiritual & Pastoral Counselor. I am also a registered Coach with COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors in SA) and registered with CPSC (Counsel for Pastoral and Spiritual Counselors).


I am an International Speaker, also well known for my roll in International Business Mentoring and Leadership. I am the preacher and evangelist pastoring Joyce Jacobs Ministries.

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A Traumatic incident is any negative life event that occurred in a relative position of helplessness and left a mark (Trauma) that is still preventing you from pro-actively creating a better life.

Costs for your first 60-minute session is only R700. Contact us today to make your booking.


When we seek counseling, we seek professional specialized help and advise to resolve a challenge or a problem. Counseling is also a process where a course of action is recommended and implies an excellent result. Counseling provide us with a clearer bigger vision, an effective plan and a result driven strategy to excellence.


Coaching put before individuals and groups in a safe environment with a greater opportunity to gain insight, knowledge and understanding. While Counseling present us with a greater vision, a plan and strategy, Coaching guide us to master and implement effectively to be able to enjoy not only success, but excellence.


When we seek education, we are in the process to gain greater insight, knowledge and understanding as to a certain challenge or situation on a highly professional and specialized level. It is a process that implies that systematic instruction will be given and the individual or group will be guided and coached to success.

Organizational Development & Mentoring

We help you to enable changes in your organization through a holistic and humanistic approach that places people at the center of the process. This process optimizes your organization for maximum performance and gives your company a competitive advantage in the market. 

Our Recovery and Healing Centre

We have created a higher operational platform to address chronic disease and minimize the risk of surgery, while ensuring the best surgical results and healing through excellence in the fields of Medical Intervention, Trauma, Counseling, Natural Medication, Nutrition, Education, Biokinetics and Physiotherapy.

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