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What are your healing needs?

Healing Needs
 What are your healing needs?

Create a better life after traumatic life events!

  • Assault

  • Divorce

  • Loss

  • Retrenchment / Bankruptcy

  • Abuse

  • Addiction

  • Rape


Improve your chronic condition or disease. It is possible!


Progressively heal and fully recover after illness or surgery.


Join our Cardiac, Pulmonary, Trauma, Neurology and Orthopedic Recovery Programs


Improving ADHD, Focus, Concentration & Behavior


Get Anxiety and Depression out of the way!


Figuring out my life direction and purpose.


Help with relationships for teens and adults.


Mood disorders and personality challenges


Get help with undiagnosed illness and treatment resistant conditions.


Healing chronic infection, wounds and sepsis.

Costs for your first 60-minute session is only R700. Contact us today to make your booking.

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