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Saturday 11 February 2023 from 09:00.

Choose to change your life...

If you need to understand and heal incurable disease fast, this Workshop is for you!

God's perfect will for your life is that you do not fall ill  in the first place, but for those that did, God wants healing and restoration for your body and your life. His will for you is that you are healthy and strong so that you are able to live in the authority and power and in the purpose that He has created you for.

Research today is proving the biblical principles given to us already thousands of years ago, to be true and most effective. We have learned that the bible has proven to be even more scientifically  accurate in the areas of disease than medicine over the last century.

Our beliefs create our thoughts, then our behavior and ultimately also our disease.  This Workshop will take you to the foundation of your disease and give you a clear understanding regarding why and how you contracted this disease. It will also coach you in the application of a system that I have created to ensure your optimal healing and sustainable health. During and after this Workshop you will have the ability to heal your body, mind and spirit.

God's principles prevent illness and brings healing for you, your family and those under your authority. If you ever wanted to be coached to heal your life SUCCESSFULLY, this is your best chance. This will be your last medical expense...

Learn, Heal, Thrive!

Over more than 20 years, I have taught and coached thousands of people to live new greater and empowered lives. I have developed this powerful one-day Workshop to get God's children to fast success in healing and restoring their lives, families and businesses to go on and thrive, no matter what the circumstances in the country may be and become.

One-Day Course and Workshop:

COST: R500

Included Complete Notes

Practical Application

Coffee, Tea and Snacks

Banking Details:

Joyce Jacobs Ministries

FNB Cheque Account

625 451 438 10

250 655

Ref:Name and Surname

E-MAil proof of payment to:

No refunds will be made if canceled

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