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Making the services of Chaplain Jacobs available to patients struggling with any form of trauma, facing difficulties and in need of personal, caring and dedicated assistance makes Unitas Hospital really stand out and I commend you for that! Chap. Jacobs has assisted me through really rough situations and I can’t explain enough how extremely valuable her services are. I am grateful, thank you!! Thank you for what you have done for me and are still doing. You are one of a kind of light. - Suzette van der Ende

Chap. Joyce I would love to recommend your services. Even when people think that they do not need it and that they are 100% okay, I assure you that they will greatly benefit when they allow you to work with them and help them. I most certainly have at a time when I felt completely in control and fine! -Carrolle Wright Watson

Thank you Joyce for walking the extra mile for our staff member in need. You are one in a million!!

Sr. Lizette Gouws

Joyce you were to my husband what he called you: The angel sent especially for him. You supported my husband on a spiritual level, and it did mean so much to hi, during the long time he was admitted in Unitas Hospital.  There is just so many people that really need you. You have a God-given talent and a passion to really make a difference in people’s lives. Thank you!

Linda Hubee Reed

Help. Support, Love, Faith and Hope was given back to me!

Chap. Joyce you are one in millions!

Thank you for all the prayers, hard work and just because you are who you are!

So many people with the smallest to the biggest problems I have seen proper and heal under you hands.

Emsie Potgieter Stapelberg

Great Service! Amazing Joyce, to have you here in CICU. So valuable to have you here for all our patients, they’re families and even our own staff during crisis times. We need it so much. I feel the amazing benefit of therapy myself.

Sr. Van den Heever

Chap. Joyce you are the angel that was sent to me during a very difficult time in my life. I do not even know where I would have been without you! I will recommend your services and Trauma Therapy to one and all. You are amazing! I had no hope and today I am pregnant!

Juerene Coetzee

Thank you Joyce for this week’s Therapy! You do not know what you have meant to us! I have learned so much. You are so special. I am just so thankful Dr. Jurgens referred me to you.


In spite of the long intubation and the long time the twins was prem and in ICU, I can only now start believing that we can finally put this behind us. I definitely see a big change in the twins. They are so much calmer and this week they each slept in their own room! No nightmares any more and at school thing are really going a lot better. They chat all day long and I am just so glad that we could see you. Thank you!

Elize Swart

Without Trauma Therapy my children would never have been where they are now after this horrific divorce. I will never look back. Thank you very much, Chap. Joyce!!

Elna Joubert

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